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The Beaches



  • Agia Fotia: Peaceful crystal clear waters with many salt-trees, fine gray pebbles, organized beach, sports activities.
  • Achlia: Shady trees, crystal clear waters, calm sea, fine pebbles,the beach is fully organized. “Tis grias to pidima”: a beautiful beach with fine pebbles, large shadow rocks and deep blue waters, isolated and always quiet. 
  • Mahairidia: Crystalcalm blue waters, a favorite beach suitable for camping and relaxation. 
  • Kalamokanias: Quiet beach, with shady little trees, with fine pebbles,quite organized and accessible. 
  • Makris Gialos: Exquisite beaches, modernly organized, with fine sand, large trees, calm and shallow waters, ideal for familieswith babies. 
  • Diaskari:A particularly beautiful and calm beach, with fine sand, partially organized, with crystal clear deep blue waters. 
  • Ammudi(Dragon’s Cave): A lovely beach with fine golden sand, shallow clear and calm waters, but without rocks and shady trees. 
  • Kalo Nero:

. Koutsounari: An isolated beach with pebbles, spotless blue   waters. 

. Staousa A very beautiful beach with turquoise waters, fine pebbles and beautiful natural scenery. 

Anaskelou: Pebble pebbles, absolute tranquility, calm blue waters, ideal for diving and fishing. 

  • Kapsas Beach: Isolated, very beautiful with large pebbles and crystal clear waters, great shade trees.
  • Kalami:An area with many small beaches and pebble peaks is ideal for swimming. With its crystal, clear and blue waters are quiet and easily accessible. 
  • Goudouras: Asecluded beach with clear waters, fine pebbles and white sand It is an almost tropical beach. 
  • Livari:An isolated calm beach with cool crystal clear waters. 





Chryssi or Gaidouronisi 


The island is located 8 miles south of Ierapetra. Daily trips are organized to enjoy the blue tropical waters and the unique Lebanese cedar. 


Koufonisi or Levki 


A small island in the South Cretan Sea is 10 miles southeast of Makrygialos. You can visit it with one-day excursions. It is impressive with its successive white rocks. You will enjoy your swim in its peaceful white beaches. 




Richti Canyon 


It is located between Agios Nikolaos and Sitia. The route is about 3km, i.e. 3-4 hours on foot, with an altitude of about 350 meters. There you will meet the wonderful waterfall of Richti with a height of 20 meters, the waterfall even with water in the summer, so you have the opportunity to enjoy a special bath. 


Dead Canyon 


The gorge is a part of the E4 European Route, starting from Pano Zakros, and over 2 hours ends at Kato Zakros. 


Pefki gorge 


A beautiful landscape is full of lush vegetation, following the E4 European Route south of the Pefkos Mountains you meet along the course of the riverbed which ends in the Aspros Potamos settlement. 





  • Toplou Monastery in Sitia
  • Kapsa Monastery




Fortress of Kazarma in Sitia 


It is located above the harbor of Sitia and nowadays is used for cultural events. 


Fortress of Ierapetra 


It is located at the entrance of the old harbor of Ierapetra and is now used for cultural events. 


Minoan Mansion of Makris Gialos 


It is a Minoan rural villa from 1480-1425 BC. It was the commercial and economic center of Makrigialos and the nearby harbors. 


The Minoan Palace of Zakros 


It is located 45 km east of Sitia, an archaeological site of 1900 BC. That is of particular historical importance, being an important point for the island of Cyprus, Egypt and the Middle East. 




When you feel hungry in the village Pefki, Koutsouras and Stavrochori you will taste delicious Cretan dishes and you will experience the authentic Cretan cuisine.